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The Joy of Belonging to a Local Church

Becoming a Member

We highly value church membership. It's important to commit your life to a local church. We believe God calls all Christians to be members of a local church where they can be known, cared for, and equipped to serve.

At Bethel, we host a Membership Class where you can learn all about what it means to be a member. You’ll also get an overview of the equipping, connecting, and serving opportunities available to help you grow in your faith, meet other believers, and get involved.

What You Can Expect

We offer Membership Class twice a year. In the class we cover the basics of what church membership is and explain what it means to be a member at Bethel. The class is two weeks and is each week is about an hour in length.

At Membership Class, and as part of becoming a member, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Share your testimony

  • Find a place to serve

  • Begin the process of joining a group

  • Sign the membership covenant

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